Most people in this day & age can’t make it in whatever their trying to do without social media. I want to connect with people like the way people did before social media. I’ve deleted twitter Snapchat clubhouse and Instagram is next. and is what “social media” is suppose to be like. Thank you to all those that have joined and become early adapters we will be going public soon. Always remember life is what you make it.

@regius4k slaves most of us have become slaves to the internet. I look at people that were around before the internet/ social media and their lives just seem more fulfilling. It’s ironic how we’re in the age where everyone can socialize with each other but so many of people have bad social skills.

@regius4k There’s a movie from the 90s called slacker where it showcases a day in the life of various characters living in Texas. All the people have different backgrounds but the one thing they have in common they all seem to be living life to fullest / in the moment despite social class which is something I’ve notcied our generation yearns for.


@Raulphy I admire this and I’ll be honest it is something that I too yearn for. Like how to exist and achieve that state of mind/being in this time that we are in where it’s almost non existent.

P.s I’ve gotta watch this movie!

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