schoolwork (or stressing about it) occupies too much of my time

maybe i should leave the house more often fr cause i really be dolo 24/7 unless my bf with me & the sun going down earlier does not help things either

december 24th is approaching n idk how to celebrate u yet >.<

i miss my brother! and my heart is always with your mom. I think about you everyday i can never forget u💙 trips me out that i can’t hear you say my name in a whiny voice one last time. i cry my tears for u and i thank Allah that your suffering has ended. we miss you so much

this is really me speaking to myself bc this life shit is trial and error. it’s okay to make mistakes!!!! i know the way we grew up u aren’t allowed to be wrong or make a mistake but it is 100% ok, u will always be ok inshallah

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what are u so scared of failing 4? just try. the outcome is rarely the real prize

love, wealth, and knowledge will always be with me

no room to be perceived. but then again why do i care

i miss you and i pray to meet you in my dreams. do u remember that i love you? do u remember vacation in sokoto? I’m sorry i did not physically come sooner. I’m sorry I couldn’t speak to you on your last day. But I love you nonetheless and i can’t wait to see you when Allah feels it’s right.


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