@Thejeffpak tried to tell them about PPP, they thought I meant the loan

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The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself.

I want to take a vow of silence when my money starts making itself and I’ve accomplished the things I envision.

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@Thejeffpak 🤣 you should be worried tho in due time my shit gon be precise 👌🏽

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They talk about the Bible without saying they found Weed in King Solomon tomb and cannabis plants at his gravesite

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Dese Polaroids mane...the perfect canvas

My interest n photography ➕ art combined

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Fuck just making shit, who you do it for 🤔

Ole selfish ass...Just for you?

Mane don’t you kno ya gift is to give to others

What’s my gift? Lls you’ve been doin it forever

Now what you give can be a range

Art ?
A feeling?
A blanket?
A answer?

What ever helps making the person shine

You ever gave a gift before?

You kno you give gifts to ppl you luv

For ppl you care bout

How’d you feel?

How’d they feel?

It’s a win win

Don’t be selfish.

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We will change the w0rLd/SavE the w0rld through ART, music, & all forms of Cre8tiviTy

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Everybody is gonna fold on you but if you bet on yourself you win the hand.

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