Treat the universe like the divine feminine entity it is. Don’t force anything to happen and don’t take it’s reactions personally. Patience + love is the only righteous way to win her over.

If you take advantage of the universe or leverage it,
it will send Karma to get you.

‘Attack wins you games, Defense wins you titles‘

—Now Power on the other hand...
Speaks for itself

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Strength is based on how much you can take/overcome not how much you can dish out.

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@Thejeffpak “being” is all you have to do don’t try just (be)

I believe in the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine;
All humans have both polarities within them despite where they lay on the spectrum & despite their sexual predispositions.

Trying to get my intuition to be in accordance with the path to my success and the success of those I champion

Trying to be aptly prepared for all the opportunities I want out of life

Trying to vibrate according to the things I want in life instead of the ones I feel I’m faced with

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“It’s a bunch of men that’s so poor all they have is money”

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Etymology & Sacred Geometry should be taught in schools

Moral of the story is be careful what you ask for.

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When you ask things from the universe, be conscious of all the ways it could Interpret you and all the different realities that may manifest along with what you really meant...

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There is a lesson to learn from Quantum Physics

@Thejeffpak tried to tell them about PPP, they thought I meant the loan

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