I’ve been writing alotta songs recently ... feels good

I was in Times Square but my minds sphered so I didn’t care to be there

Felt Kuti on Music and its correlation with Spirituality

The people are waking up, like my bio says I am a paradigm shifter

When you don’t like the way things are going you make your own way. It may seem easier following someone else’s way instead of making your own but the reward of doing it your way is much greater.

In 2019 I felt like I refreshed/ started a new life ... some people get bapatized others go to the primordial waters. This captured moment represents in many ways the paradise I am trying to get to, one where I am living in nature and building structures that work with it.

Spirituality, culture, expression

Life, connection, purpose

I’m using the Love & Light (highest form of communication & enlightenment) I have on life’s origins and applying that energy into society through Conception and creation

All 4 of these pieces, pictures, art mediums, all speak the same language/ are trying to express the same thing
Love & Light from the most high to all that believe that our existence is mektoub and not a coincidence.

Just working on solutions ... there’s no use in bringing up problems unless your trying to solve them

With or without the internet whatever your message is can be spread

She’s running to the mountains trying to find a 🅿️ ... Philosopher Player coming soon

About to hit 1k on ig ... yuck, I wanted to be in the position where I didn’t rely on it at all before I hit 1k but lately the follows have been genuine ppl I meet in real life so I’m not too in my feelings haha

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