I’ve found it very promising and pleasing to keep a journal. I document things such as song lyrics, ideas, notes from video lectures, drawings , and much more. I can do the same thing on my phone but often I prefer the pen to paper method.

I made the right connections 💫 didn’t need the web 🕸

Most people in this day & age can’t make it in whatever their trying to do without social media. I want to connect with people like the way people did before social media. I’ve deleted twitter Snapchat clubhouse and Instagram is next. Raulphy.com and sociopak.com is what “social media” is suppose to be like. Thank you to all those that have joined and become early adapters we will be going public soon. Always remember life is what you make it.

Break down the science of Life so you leave with all your questions answered.

Spirituality , Scripture, Science is a Trinity

Everybody’s life is a God story ... No Body knows your story like you do, walk your path/make your chapters and listen to your intuition.

It has been great to see Marino grow these past couple of years. From the clothes to shows to music. Very inspiring

There needs to be a day like this for everyone on social media

Me and bro discussing philosophies, politics of the world, and how to plan for the future while women are distracting us

I don’t think we will fully understand the painting trump has left for us until Biden’s presidency is done

Just jumped off the twitter ship, doing things in the real world so I can leave the Instagram ship sooner than later. Tumblr is still cool tho

Sometimes our obstacles may seem to stand taller than us but once you realize you are in control of them the fabricated walls are easy to walk through

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