You would think people would fast on thanksgiving lol

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Roy: "It’s Time to Short Subscriptions and Go Long on Lightning"

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what are u so scared of failing 4? just try. the outcome is rarely the real prize

I’ve been writing alotta songs recently ... feels good

Queen Laysa live now you many not understand a word but you can feel her energy through the screen, raw & truth

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Since we are on the days of the week many say that the days of the week in Spanish correlate to our solar system

Domingo Sunday sun

Lunes Monday moon

Martes Tuesday mars

Miercoles Wednesday mercury

Jueves Thursday Jupiter

Viernes friday venus

Sabado Saturday Saturn

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Yesterday was Sunday a day many go to church. It is ironic that Jesus is the son (sun) of God. Just like the sun comes back every rising. Jesus/ hesus is suppose to come back like a pheonix that rises from the ashes. The story of resurrection is a very popular one in our society dating as far back as ancient Egypt . ( may add a link with more info later)

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As eye was typing this and seeing the words flower and flourish begin with flo. The act of going with flow represents believing what is meant to be will be. Eye also have a song called flow like water which is about being connected with nature and the creator.

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Put it in the right environment it will flourish like a flower in bloom. In Krio a language spoken in Sierra Leone the styling of hair is called planting. So instead of saying eye am going to go get my hair styled you would say eye am going to go plant my hair.

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During the process of growing my hair eye looked for purpose and intent in the process . Asking questions like why am eye growing my hair and what does it mean to me. During this time eye learned for a lot of people growing their hair was a refresh in their life/ an awakening. Also for many it was a sense of oneness with nature. Just like the plants that grow from the ground eye have always felt that your hair works the same way it is very much like a plant, water it, take care of it,

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Alif (Arabic)
Alef (Hebrew)
Alpha (Greek)
Elohim (Gods)
Allah (God)

The first 3 words mean first in their respective languages and all begin with AL. Elohim and Allah both are references to God. The al/ el sound held power in the past and still does to this day.

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This will be a thread to express the etymology break downs that come to me day to day

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Through etymology we can uncover many truths about society from the past to the now and be guided for the future

“A jack of all trades is a master of none but better than a master of one” for a long time eye only knew the first piece of this quote (a jack of all trades is a master of none), with knowing just the first piece of the quote eye still went against it and stuck to how eye felt eye should move , multi faceted, years later eye am glad eye followed my heart.

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