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Told my pops I’m tryna start making comics and he bought me this

Don’t die by doubt, believe in you

Keep the peace on me it will tranquilize ya

I ain’t wanna do it but da shooter in me triggered guess I’m back on my photog shit

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It has been great to see Marino grow these past couple of years. From the clothes to shows to music. Very inspiring

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Everybody’s life is a God story ... No Body knows your story like you do, walk your path/make your chapters and listen to your intuition.

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iloveyouall👼🏽 ilove the energy you all put out into the world
luv family keep lighting the way 🌟

Know how much you can juggle

you can add one more that’s too overwhelming making you drop all

I’m good on it 🥱

-Keep ya integrity money will follow

Jan - made

Feb - developed my own hand style|read books and sought knowledge

Mar - obtained Polaroid camera|found a new sense in direction

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